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1 on 1 Breathwork session

In addition to the group sessions, it is also possible to go more in-depth by booking private breathing sessions. This will generally take place in the yurt of Avalon, Schoorl or my practice space in the heart of Amsterdam (or elsewhere in consultation). During a private session, a 'focusing' session will first take place, in which we look at the themes are currently playing in your life. The current story can always be traced back to the body; tuning into the 'felt sense' brings up a lot of valuable information; where is the tension, the emotion, the stress, and what does it tell us? Is this way you go to the essence and you are not just treating symptoms.


After that we enter the breathing session with this deeper connection to the body and create space for what wants to be felt more. There will also be a more intensive look at the individual breathing pattern and pressure points will be used where necessary to direct or deepen the breath or to give space to stuck energy. At the end of the breathing sessions there is enough space to rest and integrate. Afterwards there will be tea and something sweet. 

Duration of individual breathing session: approximately 2 hours 

Investment: €175,-

(€135,- with minimum income)

Deepening trajectory 5 x breathing session: €825,-

(€640,- with minimum income)

(payment in installments possible)

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