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1 op 1 Focusing session (Online / Live)

What is Focusing?


The artful skill to listen inwardly and feel inwardly. Focusing is extremely helpful when you run into some issue(s) repeatedly. You may come across something at work, for example in contact with your boss, employee or a colleague. Or in relationship to money or a certain sense of guilt that arises in contact with a family member. Just to give some examples. Especially when something presents itself more often and you experience it as obstructive, unfree, not pleasant, it can be time to listen inwardly.


Often we try to solve an issue or challenge by thinking about it, usually with little result and more tension and worry. With focusing you learn to listen to the intelligence of the 'felt-sense'; the felt experience within the body. It is a method that shows what is alive within you and what stands in your way of being 'free'. The result of focusing is therefore that the tension subsides and space is opening up. From this space you can gain clear insight about yourself and the situations that play a role in your life.


A well-known quote from the founder of Focusing, Eugene Gendlin, is: “If you want to know what the soup smells like, don't put your head in it”. If you want to know how something feels within you, don't get caught up in it, don't coincide with it. You sit, as it were, at the edge of the lake and experience the presence of the water, but you don’t swim in it. Only if you listen to your felt-sense you can really start to hear the story. So during focusing we learn to listen to the story of the body. When the body feels fully felt and heard, a deep relaxation and enjoyment often follows, also called 'bodily shift'. Besides the space, clarity, relaxation that arise, we can also come to a deeper realisation about our true nature; who or what are we when the ego-tension and the ‘Me-story’ falls away? Deep rest and coming home to yourself remain.


Rolandjan has been trained for years by Ferry Maidman ( in the art of focusing. You can book a focusing session with Rolandjan both online and live. Experience has shown that online sessions are just as effective as live sessions. 


Costs are €65,- per hour or €90,- per 1.5 hours.


Deepening package of 5 sessions €300,- (1 hour)

or €425,- (1.5 hours)

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