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Being Home

Discover that qualities such as inner peace and stability, contentment, clarity and love are inherent in what we are. Under and including any confusion, physical or emotional pain, the 'not-knowing', or uncertainty, we are always and timelessly THAT.

"Tat tvam asi" - You are THAT.

By allowing your humanness completely, saying 'hello' to it, breathing in and with it… you remember your essence again; a peaceful, free and unconditioned non-state of Awareness that lovingly embraces every emotion, every mood, every thought.

Being fully human; changing, and vulnerable and at the same time timeless, unfathomable Deep and untouchable..

For Rolandjan, meditation & self-inquiry, connected breathwork and yoga are ways to descend into ourselves through the body and explore what's alive within us and who or what we Are. To be truly curious about what is inside, what wants to be felt or seen within us, from moment to moment..?

Rolandjan shares this with inspiration, passion and loving attention in his breath-coaching, yoga and meditation classes, retreats and workshops. 'Being with what is', not over-analyzing but allowing and feeling through are central here. Coming home to yourself..

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Fully Human | Deeply Being

It is your birthright to know that you are the timeless source of peace, joy, and true love.
How? Discover what Being Home has to offer you.


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Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork


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Yin yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

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Rolandjan van Mulligen

Rolandjan van Mulligen is a yoga & meditation teacher and a breathwork coach. For many years he is guiding individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, retreats and has been teaching for more than 10 years classes at the most well-known yoga schools in Amsterdam, Delight Yoga and De Nieuwe Yogaschool.  

Rolandjan shares  in his classes and retreats  various tools to guide people from a life of confusion and suffering to a life full of clarity, authenticity, peace, inner happiness and inner authority.

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"Rolandjan's simple presence makes me aware of how much I'm still living for 'tomorrow' and reach for something that's not yet there. Thank you for reminding me that now and right here is always perfect already." - Manuela, Amsterdam 

"For me the Monday Meditations are a steady beacon. They give me grounding and connection and remind me on a weekly basis of what truly matters.

Even in my busiest weeks I never sacrifice on these sessions because they give me lots of energy and positivity." - Lea, Amsterdam

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