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Being Home

Discover the power of inner silence, contentment, clarity, love and joy. Recall your true nature, a peaceful and happy state of Being. For Rolandjan yoga, meditation and breathwork is a way to dive deep into ourselves and explore, through the body, who or what we really are. He shares this with a lot of inspiration and attention in his individual coaching and group sessions, where 'being' instead of 'doing', deep relaxation and openness to what is there, are paramount. Coming home to yourself.  Welcome to Being Home.


Being at home in yourself

It is your birthright to know that you are the timeless source of peace, joy, and true love.
How? Discover what Being Home has to offer you.

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Yoga Child's Pose

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Rolandjan van Mulligen

Rolandjan van Mulligen is a yoga & meditation teacher and a breathwork coach. For many years he is guiding individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, retreats and has been teaching for more than 10 years classes at the most famous yoga schools in Amsterdam, Delight Yoga and De Nieuwe Yogaschool.  

Rolandjan shares  in his classes and retreats  various tools to guide people from a life of confusion and suffering to a life full of clarity, authenticity, peace, inner happiness and inner authority.


"Happiness is your nature. It's not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside  "

Ramana Maharshi