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Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation

A retreat is a space for you where you can completely withdraw from your daily normal life.

A place to relax and rest.


Rolandjan's retreats are intended to remember and become completely familiar with your peaceful state of Being.
Qualities such as silence, satisfaction, clarity, authenticity, love, and joy naturally flow from Here. What we are looking for is actually our Self. Or as the awakened teacher St. Francis of Assisi put it nicely: "What you are looking for, is already where you are looking from". 

To gain clear insight, Rolandjan uses silent and guided meditation, yin yoga, breathwork, self-inquiry, and some dance and contact exercises. When the body and mind are relaxed and open, there is less tendency of identification with limiting thought patterns and emotions and we can more easily experience ourselves as Consciousness. During certain meetings there is also space for sharing: sharing experiences and asking questions. 

Rolandjan works together with FIT, body & Mind. Almost all retreats take place in a beautiful place in Castricum, near the sea.  There is plenty of time to use the sauna, go for a walk, or just rest and enjoy.

​You are more than welcome to participate in this in-depth retreats if the above text is appealing to you; your heart goes out to truth, meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry and remembering and experiencing who or what you are deeply. Feel very welcome!


Upcoming Retreats 2022


Yin Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation (semi-silence)

September 8 - 11 2022 (intensive), Castricum  

Yin yoga, Breathwork & Meditation
5 day Retreat

25 - 29 May, 2022

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Transformative Ibiza Journey
Yin yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

5 - 11 June 2022