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About Rolandjan

Rolandjan van Mulligen is a yoga & meditation teacher and a breathwork coach. He guides  many years  individual sessions, group sessions, workshops,  retreats and has been teaching for more than 10 years at the most famous yoga schools in Amsterdam, Delight Yoga and De Nieuwe Yogaschool.  

"I was privileged to have met many profound teachers on my way, with whom I am still in touch, and feel innumerable gratitude. Every one of them was able to help me deepen my experiential understanding of true yoga, self-realization, and meditation. Some of my teachers are Mooji, Ferry Maidman (Focussing), Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti, and Pia


To be at service, to live in alignment with my heart's purpose is of utmost importance to me. Through 'my' teachings, I hope to facilitate a space to come to a recognition, a deep Inner Knowing, of what we are and let the stress, emotional unprocessed energies unwind so to embody deeper and deeper what we are."


Rolandjan shares  in his classes and retreats  various tools to guide people from a life of confusion and suffering to a life full of clarity, authenticity, peace, inner happiness and inner authority.

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