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Transformative Ibiza Retreat

5 - 11 June 2022


Rolandjan van Mulligen 
Ellemarie Rietman



Are you looking for more fulfilment and joy in life?

Are you longing to know more deeply who you are and what your soul purpose is?

Would you like to learn powerful tools to embody and remember who you truly are also in the hectic of every day life?

If your answer is yes, we would like to invite you to spend a week in a small community of like minded spirits, with a beautiful space holding of Ellemarie Rietman and in-depth Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork teachings of Rolandjan van Mulligen. Join us on this beautiful all-inclusive retreat, in a stunning private villa with a sunrise view, located on the magical Island of Ibiza, with delicious and healthy food provided by our chef-kok Mayla.


We invite you to join this transformative healing retreat in Ibiza. Allow a full surrender into Life and celebrate with us this profound magical journey. A retreat to recognize the deeper ground of your being, heal abandoned parts, and awaken to your dharma; your joyful and meaningful purpose in this lifetime on this beautiful Earth.

The golden thread during this retreat is to include the parts within us that have been abandoned or suppressed - to meet them with loving awareness, so that we embody more fully who we truly are.

This week retreat is all about our awaking, healing and embodiment, so we can serve the awakening of the human consciousness and contribute to the rising of the New Earth...

For ages people have been drawn to Ibiza for its spiritual quality and depth. Ibiza is very supportive when you feel an inner call to go on a soul journey because the energy of this island can be experienced as a force that pushes that which is unconcious to the surface. It exposes more clearly that which doesn't serve you any more. So you become a more transparent and truthful vessel which allows you to see more clearly what your soul purpose is and to live from here.

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We will use different tools to support and guide you on this journey. Conscious connected breathwork, self-inquiry, (yin) yoga, Hatha Yoga, stillness, meditation, authentic sharings, movement and dance. We will make use of powerful places in nature that Ibiza has to offer. Besides that there will be enough space to enjoy the pool or go for a nice walk in the valley.


  • Morning Meditation (Silent Mornings)

  • Breakfast

  • Deep Breathwork/ Yoga

  • Lunch

  • Free Space/ Integration Time

  • Afternoon Session (on some days)

  • Dinner

  • Evening program (E.g. Yin yoga or Restorative yoga)


Please note that this schedule is an indication of how the days might look like, being together in presence, we will feel and adjust in the moment what is needed. During the retreat there will be one full day of silence.


Some places on Earth are called power places and this is not without a reason. Ibiza is one of them. From our own experience of living on the island, we can say the vibration of Ibiza is similar to that of a true Teacher - it brings to the surface what still needs to be faced within us. It is really a fascinating contrast; the idyllic island atmosphere and breathtaking scenery and at the same time the intense penetrating energy that can expose within us what needs to be met as an opportunity to embody our true Self more fully.

It's essential to view this retreat on Ibiza not only as an enjoyable yoga holiday, but as an opportunity to be open and willing to face our shadow sides which is not always comfortable and pleasant, but very rewarding in terms of feeling deeply connected with ourselves, each other and life.


Allow yourself to fully surrender to your Soul and this retreat in combination with the islands energy will be transformative and life changing.


We will stay at a super cosy and luxurious retreat house, including swimmingpool, plenty chill-out spots, outside kitchen, and enough space to wander around. There's a yoga shala inside and a yoga deck outside with a beautiful sunrise view over the quiet valley. The location offers a main villa with spacious living room and kitchen, and 5 luxurious 2-persons studios with gorgeous bathrooms. It's also possible to stay in a 1-person belltent underneath the olive trees (2 spots available). Our retreat home is situated close to pitoresk village Sant Josep and is easy to reach from the airport.


  • From Doing to Being 

  • Healing Journey

  • Embody your True Self

  • Nourishing Mind, Body & Soul

  • Breathwork Ceremonies

  • Yin & Hatha Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Self – Inquiry

  • Celebrating Life

  • Authentic Sharing Circles

  • Mornings in silence

  • Ecstatic Dance Journey

  • One Full Day of Silence

  • Delicious, healthy vegetarian food

  • Private villa with a swimming pool

  • Luxurious studios

  • Outside yoga deck with valley view

  • Sunrise view

  • Excursions to secluded spots in nature

  • 10 min. drive to beach

  • Close to pitoresk Sant Josep


  • 7 day retreat including 6 nights accommodation in separate studios with private bathroom (separate beds)

  • Start June 5th, 17h. Closure June 11th, around 14h

  • Delicious, healthy vegetarian meals

  • All day water/tea & snacks

  • Full Days Program

  • Excursion to magical nature spots

  • Max. 14 persons in a retreat

  • Close to the airport (15 min drive)

  • Accommodation in a private villa

  • All-in price for 1p-Bell tent €1495,- (FULLY BOOKED)

  • All-in price for 2p-studio €1595,-

DISCOUNT OFFER: If you book with a partner, friend or someone you know, you'll get €100 discount on the total booking price!


  • Flights

  • Car rental

  • Insurance

  • All expenses outside of the retreat venue

  • Celebration dinner at the end of the retreat

For any questions please contact us at:

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