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Free yourself with Breathwork

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Upcoming Breathwork Circles

  • Breathwork circle
    Fri, May 12
    Avalon Schoorl
    May 12, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM
    Avalon Schoorl, Houtjeslaan 53, Schoorl
    Breathe yourself free! Let go of unprocessed emotions and break your patterns.
  • Breathwork circle
    Fri, May 26
    Avalon Schoorl
    May 26, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM
    Avalon Schoorl, Houtjeslaan 53, Schoorl
    Breathe yourself free! Let go of unprocessed emotions and break your patterns.
  • Breathwork circle
    Thu, Jun 01
    Avalon Schoorl
    Jun 01, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM
    Avalon Schoorl, Houtjeslaan 53, Schoorl
    Breathe yourself free! Let go of unprocessed emotions and break your patterns.
Ademcirkels: Evenementen en workshops

Breathwork Circles

We start the evening with (movement) meditation, in connection with ourselves and with each other. Then we take a deep dive inwards using the connected breathing technique. Connected breathing is a powerful method that takes us out of our heads and into the body.

For about 45 minutes to an hour, we breathe deeply in and out in a connected way, which provides us with more energy and boosts the immune system. Old unprocessed emotions and un-integrated experiences may come to the surface due to the high vibration of the breath (Prana) and can dissolve permanently if we don't get in the way of that process by for example wanting to control it. In addition, we come into contact with a deep freedom, our authentic Self, and we realize who or what we are without all the tensions, convictions and limiting stories. Experiencing our essence, Here & Now, as an open timeless Space in which everything is allowed to be. Really coming home to our deepest heart and Being. After the connected breathing, a period of deep integration takes place, time for rest and feeling and digesting the fruits of the session.

We close the evening with space to share, with or without words, to connect with each other, if there is a wish. Afterwards there is tea and a little snack.​

Contraindications ​

The breathing circle is not recommended if you have (had) epilepsy or a history of psychosis; a 1-on-1 breathing session is more appropriate in this case than a group session (read more below). If you are pregnant, experience high blood pressure or high eye pressure, tell Rolandjan before starting the breathing cycle. These are not contraindications, but we will give you other instructions to suit your circumstances.

Practical information

We come together at one of the most beautiful locations in Schoorl and the surrounding area: Avalon. Surrounded by nature and horses, this place offers a beautiful yoga shala and a magical yurt. Everything is available on location, such as mats, blankets and pillows. Always feel free to bring your own blanket or pillow. We also recommend that you eat lightly beforehand and wear comfortable clothes.

There are a limited number of tickets available, max 13 people per breathing circle.

Investment: €35,-

Time: 19:30 to 22:00. Please arrive 10 minutes in advance.

Address: Schoorl, Houtjeslaan 53.​ For an impression of the location, see the photos below.


Cancelation: If you can't come on the date you bought your breath ticket, you can come and breathe on another date when you can. Mail for a new date to (this only applies to cancellations up to 5 days until the event).

1 on 1 Breathing sessions


In addition to the group sessions, it is also possible to go more in-depth by booking private breathing sessions. This will generally also take place in the yurt of Avalon, Schoorl (or elsewhere in consultation). During a private session, a focusing session first takes place (inspiration from Eugene Gendlin), in which we look at which themes are currently playing in your life. The current story can always be traced back to the body; tuning in to the 'felt sense' (felt experience) brings up a lot of valuable information; where is the tension, the emotion, the stress and what does it have to tell us? In this way you go to the essence and you are not only concerned with trying to treat the symptoms. Then we enter the breathing session with this deeper connection to the body and we create space for what wants to be felt more deeply. The individual breathing pattern will also be examined more intensively and pressure points will be used where necessary to direct or deepen the breath or to give space to trapped energy. After the breathing sessions there is enough space to rest and integrate.


Duration individual breathing session: 2 hours

Investment: €175,-

Transformative program:  5 x Breathing session: €825,-

(payment in installments possible)

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