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Awareness Meditation

Monday 20:00pm  Online via Zoom

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Yin Yoga

Tuesday 10:00am  Delight Yoga Amsterdam

Breathwork & Meditation

Wednesday 12:30pm  De Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam

Silent Sit Meditation

Thursday 08:00am  Delight Yoga Online

Breathwork circle

Every other thursday 19:30pm Avalon Schoorl

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Online Classes

For all levels, online through Zoom

Everyone has a busy life these days and is looking for relaxation and tranquility. So how nice is it to take care of your spiritual needs from the comfort of your own home?  When we practice meditation and breathwork from our own home, we integrate our spiritual life even more with our everyday life.


Awareness Meditation

Monday 20:00

We often think that meditation is something we 'do'. In this weekly Monday evening meditation I invite you to discover that meditation is your natural state; when the striving and trying of the mind settles down, an ever-present inner peace is revealed. Through silent and guided meditation and meditative practices we discover the beauty and richness of our True Nature. There is also room for sharing and questions during this lesson.

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