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Remember Who You Truly Are

Do you recognize this?

You are not feeling well and you feel searching. You have everything (for the most part) in order, but you are not yet experiencing real fulfillment or satisfaction in your life. The feeling that something is missing. An emptiness or unrest that doesn't seem to go away.



You have been following yoga or meditation for a while, but this does not seem to really help you. There is little 'progression' and you may even feel frustration. How is this possible when you are trying so hard? You hit a wall, you try to accept and let go, but you can't. You are looking for more depth.


You have been on the spiritual path for some time. You have found yourself on the path of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) and perhaps also had moments of awakening. Yet you notice that you feel divided internally. For a while you have denied your desires and needs and therefore your human side. You are looking for how to reconcile the non-dual state of Being with your everyday personal life with human dreams and desires. Being and becoming... 

You experience flow and fulfillment

You remember who/what you deeply are, you experience more harmony and deep peace in your life. A shift from merely identifying with the person to recognizing the ever-present Presence. You experience resignation and meaning and everything in and around you becomes different, everything 'corrects' in an intuitive way. There is room for your human desires and future plansand there is deep rest and being at home in This Moment. No more problems and resistance...


Being at home within yourself has a positive influence on all aspects of your life. Your work becomes more fun, your relationship more beautiful. Experience again the fullness and sparkle of life that includes spontaneity, organic unfoldment, effortlessness and joy.

Being Home's teachings help you remember who you deeply are. With the help of consciously connected breathwork, body-oriented coaching, self inquiry meditation, non-duality, yin/yang & hatha yoga, community and awareness retreats.

For moreconsciousness, humanity, effortlessness and flow;

learning to be with what is in the moment and especially in your body as direct experience.

Not analyzing from the head, but being present with feeling.

Coming home to yourself.

Benefit from Rolandjan's years of experience as
yoga & meditation teacher and coach

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Verbonden Ademen:

Stilte in de storm

In deze les ga je drie rondes verbonden ademen (breathwork)


Yin yoga & Meditatie:

Rust in Zijn 

Extra lange Yin-les waarin je op zelfonderzoek gaat


Ademoefening en Meditatie:

Voelend aanwezig

Een combinatie van breathwork en meditatie voor complete ontspanning

Image by Tobias Tullius

Breathe yourself free!

Breathwork is a very direct and powerful way to learn to feel, let go of thoughts, tensions and stress and breathe free from everything that no longer serves you. The breath heals you from within and supports you in opening your heart, consciousness, self-insight and experiencing deep relaxation, peace and love. Falling back into your Natural State. 

Individual Body-oriented
Life Coaching

Are you walking around with life questions? Do you regularly experience resistance, some form of suffering or confusion in your daily life? Or do you want to come to a deeper realization of who you are? Then these in-depth 1-on-1 sessions might be something for you.


We try to solve many problems that we experience with our mind, where we often do not find the answers, but continue to circle in circles. Being Home assumes a holistic existence. When we don't pay attention to what's going on inside the body, we forget something fundamental and we don't have an embodied experience.


Learn to encounter physical or emotional pain, tension or traumain the body through the breath, meditation or the coaching technique focusing (Eugene Gendlin). Being curious about your inner world and an attitude of openness and friendliness are important ingredients. Immediately experience more space, flow, relaxation, clarity, confidence, peace, wholeness and enjoyment. 

1-op-1 Verbonden Ademsessie

Bevrijd oude spanningen en kom thuis bij jezelf.

1-op-1 Life coaching

Door "hallo" te zeggen tegen je binnenwereld, ontstaat er opluchting en tevredenheid.

"Being curious about your inner world is the most important ingredient of body-oriented coaching"

- Rolandjan


A moment of reflection, relaxation, receiving, back to yourself.

Being Home offers several retreats, at home and abroad, including:1-day retreats,long weekend retreats, silent retreats andholiday week retreats. A retreat is intended to temporarily withdraw from your daily life and make a journey inward. 

Home: Diensten

With his many years of experience (> 15 yrs.) in yoga & meditation teacher and breathing coach, Rolandjan uses silence and guided meditation, hatha, yin/yang & restorative yoga, breathwork, self-exploration and dance and contact exercises. 

You are very welcome to participate in these in-depth retreats if your heart goes out to yoga, meditation, breathwork, self-exploration, authentic living and remembering and experiencing who or what you deeply are.